Daily Hot Soup

Snack on Your
Favorite Hot Dog
Any Day of the Week

Visit our hot dog stand in New Bedford, MA

Hot dogs are an American classic enjoyed at sporting events and festivals throughout the country. But you don't have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy your favorite hot dog.

Dee's Hot Dogs serves hot dogs and ice cream every day of the week in New Bedford, MA. We'll be your dedicated hot dog stand so you can always get the hot, fresh hot dog you crave.

Get a home run hot dog experience when you visit us today.

New to hot dog stands?

Ordering from a hot dog stand isn't complicated. But Dee's Hot Dogs isn't just an everyday snack destination. When you visit our hot dog stand, you can...

Take advantage of our lunch special - 2 regular hot dogs, a drink and a bag of chips for $5.00

Customize a hot dog with over a dozen toppings, from chili and cheese sauce to jalapenos and bacon

Complete your culinary adventure with an ice cream cone, cup or frappe

We serve delicious, steamed Kayem brand beef and pork mixed hot dogs to give you the hot meal you want in no time. Call us at 508-998-0584 to arrange for takeout or get more information about our lunch specials.